How Google Lens helped me solve a mystery

I was enjoying my cherry tomatoes harvest till quite recently when it stopped fruiting. Because it had grown to be quite a bush size, I continued watering it hoping it would still bear fruit. As such I observe all my plants on a daily basis, however since there were no tomatoes I did not bother much about the tomato bush for 2-3 weeks. One day to my surprise, I saw 2-3 lush green plants which looked kind of ‘happy to grow’ within the tomato bush! They were too lush and ‘happy’ to be assumed as weeds in the first glance.

I am a believer in of the Reuse, Reduce and Recycle principle and I have imbibed this belief from my mom that all the grey water from the kitchen be it vegetable washed, rice and pulses washed or grains soaked water – all of it must go to the garden instead of the sink. So all my plants are watered by default, once every morning with all such reused water. Due to this it was highly probable that grains or vegetables might have overflown into the pots. Now I was not sure which of my grain has germinated or vegetable has grown in this form. I again observed it for one more week to see if it really survives, it did and it grew further looking to be ‘happy’. It had bright green leaf structure like that of a papaya plant and watery and thick stem like the lotus.

Today as I was cleaning up and de-weeding my garden patch, my eye fell on the lush plant once more and I was tempted to uproot it as I suspected that it was drawing all the water and nutrients due to which my tomatoes were not flowering. As a matter of fact I uprooted one of the three similar “weed” plants that grew between my tomatoes. As I pulled it my eyes fell on the bottom part of the plant, the root, it was of a pinkish brown coloration. It made me rethink the ‘weed’ nature of the plant. I asked my dad if he could recognize the plant with the smell of the leaf or the patchy look of the stem. He couldn’t recognize it but insisted that I search up the plant with its photo and try to identify the plant.

I quickly scanned the plant with the Google Lens application. To my utter disbelief and pleasant surprise it turned out to be Elephant Foot Yam plant. Neither me nor my mom had planted it deliberately. I suspect my mom must have thrown the old and rotting Yam pieces from the refrigerator into the pots and it had lived there ever since, after all these plants bloom as monsoon approaches.

Now I have a wonderful addition to my list of home grown veggies which already includes Malabar Spinach, Onions, Mint, Chilly, Cherry Tomatoes to name a few.

This is also a wonderful example of how Artificial intelligence and Machine learning is greatly impacting all of our lives. If not for the application of AI I would have either uprooted all the plants, destroying some amazing vegetables or would have never known how a Yam plant looks like. Of course I could have asked a Botanist or an expert in farming and plants but where would i go around searching for an expert?

More information about Elephant foot Yam here
Elephant Yam Recepies
1. Yam curry
2. Yam Tava fry

Explore Google lens here
Do you have such similar memories or experiences using google lens or a similar tool? if yes, do share it with us in the comments below!
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BlueJ to IntelliJ

BlueJ has been my favorite IDE for Java till recently. I have been a great fan of BlueJ for its simplicity, intuitiveness and ease-of-use. Since we learnt it at school, it had become close to all our friends’ hearts. But after attending a seminar by JetBrains at JetBrains Day, I am compelled to set aside my favorite-till-now BlueJ and shift to IntelliJ IDEA. As per me, there are a few advantages of using IntelliJ over BlueJ.

  1. IntelliJ IDEA is more intuitive and it provides in-depth coding assistance to the developer due to which coding becomes much easier and faster
  2. It allows for quicker navigation, clever error analysis and also refactoring. (i.e. it checks for probable errors and helps us with refactoring the code easily)
  3. The logic behind IntelliJ IDEA is truly intelligent and implements AI and machine learning for code completion among others.
  4. IntelliJ IDEA also allows for debugging code which helps amateur and experienced developers alike

All said BlueJ still remains the best beginners Java IDE out there and I have always admired it throughout my schooling life as a computer science student.

I have been using BlueJ for my coaching sessions and have migrated to IntelliJ since I started coaching on Artificial Intelligence.

Here is a link to my courses, Feel free to message me for more details

More info on BlueJ here and can be downloaded here
More info on IntelliJ IDEA here and download the free community edition here

PILabs Maker delight!

Hi all

Lately, we as parents and educators are interested in moving from a rote based class-room style learning approach to an inquiry based learning method which focuses on critical thinking and problem solving and collaboration skills.
Such an approach results in increased attention span in children and improved levels of student’s creativity. Project-based learning is an effective way of including technology in education system.
In projects based learning, students apply what they know to solve authentic problems with intentions to produce results that matter to them and society, thus enabling the student to face real world situations simulated in the forms of the projects.
Students have opportunities to develop skills of observation, survey, research, reporting, presentation, communication, and collaboration with the team involved and leadership traits.
A welcome side effect would be that the learners develop new hobbies, passions, and liking for new careers.

After successfully launching a batch for enthusiasts for all emerging technology skills, now we are launching a online Project Based learning program for Makers.

Application development for Makers – Work on 20+ projects over 15 days using tools like Scratch & build independent meaningful apps

3D Design and modeling for Makers – Design close to 10 realistic 3D models in 8 days by designing & rendering using tools like Fusion 360.

Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things – Work on  5+ projects over 7 days to learn the power of AI & IoT.

Here is a link to the inquiry form –

All the best !


Here is some participants’ feedback from completed courses.

Rediscover yourself and learn 9 new skills in 3 weeks

This lean period make best use of your time. Pick up new skills and hone your existing ones.

Lets rediscover ourselves and pickup 9 new skills details of which are given below.

Click here for registration. Limited seats only.


Fritzing – Learn to design your own Printed Circuit Boards
Fritzing is an easy to use circuit designing and stimulation software. It is used to build circuits and have your own Printed Circuit Board (PCB). It is free to use and can be used both online and offline. You can learn the basics of electronics and circuits using Fritzing without needing any physical components.

Scratch – Design and animate your own comic story
Scratch is a visual drag-and-drop based programming tool used to build interactive stories and animations. It helps people thing creatively, systematically and collaboratively. Attractive to any age group, one can build animations and stuff without having any prior knowledge in programming or coding

MIT App Inventor- Build your own fun mobile applications
An Android mobile application building tool based on Scratch. Just like scratch you drag and drop components to build a working mobile applications. You can build games, IoT applications, animations and AI based apps just by dragging-and-dropping!

IBM Watson – Build your AI powered Chaat/Dosa ordering chatbot
IBM cloud is a set of cloud computing services by IBM. Watson Studio is an integrated environment to develop, train, manage models, and deploy AI-powered applications.We can build AI powered projects and deploy them into  your applications.

Programming – Code your own mini supermarket software using Python/Java
Python has been a very powerful and scalable programming language and Java has been one the most widespread and popularly used language for various applications.

Raspberry pi – Get to know about Raspberry (hardware/Software)
Raspberry pi is a powerful Single board Linux computer. It is used to teach digital technologies and computing to people of all age groups. It has its own huge community forum where you will get any kind of help for your projects. It is higher in level than a microcontroller like Arduino

Node RED – Overview to Node RED
NodeRED is a flow-based development tool for visual programming, originally by IBM, for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services as part of the Internet of Things.It is got bundled with the Raspbian OS for Raspberry pi

3D design and printing – Design and print your own smart phone case
CAD is a very important skill when it comes to rapid prototyping and designing your projects. various software like Fusion360 and TinkerCAD are used popularly in the 3D design and printing domain


Presenter’s profile here

Malabar Spinach – A wonder green

Scientific name: Basella alba                               Regional name: Bachali kura / Basale
In picture: A fresh harvest of Basella alba from my organic terrace garden.

Basella alba, also called Malabar spinach / Indian Spinach / vine Spinach, is an edible perennial vine.
It is a fast growing, semi-succulent, soft-stemmed vine, rich in Vitamin A, C and Iron. It also has antioxidant properties.

They grow well under hot and humid climates, reaching lengths of 10 meters (33 feet).
They grow in two varieties the green stemmed Basella alba and reddish-purple stemmed cultivar Basella alba ‘Rubra’


  • It is cooked along with red gram (toor dal)  to prepare a accompaniment for rice
  • Also cooked in coconut gravy (mostly in south India)
  • It is often added to salads also
  • It is used as a thickening agent in soups and stews

Health benefits:

  • The leaves and stems are cooked and eaten for their laxative properties. They provide the necessary fiber for the body
  • Due to it diuretic properties it helps eliminate water from body there by flushing toxins
  • A paste of the leaves is applied externally to treat boils and sores
  • It is also used for its anti-inflammatory effects
  • The flowers are used as an antidote to poisons


Some reference recipes:

A diploma in school days !

Dear friends

I would like to share my experience at Sirius center, Sochi, Russia where I had attended a first-of-its-kind diploma program on deep technologies from Nov 28 – Dec 8,  2019. This opportunity of having a training in Sochi, Sirius Russia came my way only after I participated in ATL marathon 2018 and was shortlisted among the top 100 project teams. Honestly neither me nor my parents or even my teachers had dreamt of this opportunity when I participated in ATL marathon. My project, cAquaculture for Indian aqua farmers was a very complex one compared to all the other entries in the marathon. It is also mainly aligning to 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations.

It was indeed a proud moment for my parents, my school and me when I was selected to be a part of a pan-India 25 member student delegation to Russia on a first-of-its-kind collaborative educational program. This was soon after I completed my internship in IBM, it was indeed a bonanza for me.

I was one of the two from Telangana to get selected into the delegation. The selection was by an online interview by the AIM officials.

Even though it was a tiring journey via Delhi and Moscow, the novelty made it a pleasure. I made many new friends and some of them were from the IBM internship team as well.

What I liked about Russia that it is a very disciplined country, with a small population and they are technologically very advanced. We were assigned mentors from within Sirius’s  team as well as lead technical heads from other Russian institutes such as BioCAD and Skoltech.

I had selected the Drones and Robotics category from the 5 focus areas of training. As a part of our final project, we devised a way to automate processes at  tea plantation with the help of robots and image classification.

The cherry on the top of the ice-cream, at Sirius was that, we had an opportunity to meet the president of Russia, Mr. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. I feel proud that ours was one of the two projects he visited to understand more about it. He congratulated all of us and wished us good luck in all our future endeavors.

At Sirius campus, We were put up in the student dormitory and were treated to fruit juices, bread and salads every 3 hours. It was a very well planned training as we always looked forward to our next activity daily. My longing for Indian food was not sustained for long as we were busy with new activities in the lab or in the field.

Now I have an experience of how working abroad feels like with the immigration clearance procedures, language translation work around and the disciplined attitude one must have. I felt good about their teaching style which is more practical oriented and prompts us to think more and learn by ourselves.

Throughout the 10 days, the only problem we faced was that nobody but a handful in the Sirius team spoke English! We had a mentor who would help us in understanding things there, however we made good use of software translators and made work around.

The last day of our trip was reserved for sightseeing. We went to the snow capped mountain peaks and visited few important destinations like the Kremlin Palace and the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. I would have clicked close to 2000 photos during our entire trip.

This time I got a chance to make Russian friends and we presented mementos to our mentors before we left. All in all it was an amazing learning experience for me. Participating in the Atal Tinkering Innovation Marathon 2018 has been a good kick start to my career goals.

I would like to request all parents to not kill their children’s innate creativity by pushing them to be what he/she is not interested in. I wish that many more young minds should be allowed to unleash their creativity and they should think of ideas to better the humanity and the world.

Innovation must go on because,  “You can’t use up creativity” and creativity is the basis of innovation!



Follow me on Instagram @abhinavudupi to view few of the photos from the trip

Days @ IBM, on an internship..

Hello friends,

I would like to share with you my experience at IBM when I was there for an internship of 2 weeks (Oct-14-Oct 25, 2019).

It was indeed a proud moment for my parents, my school and my team when we were chosen among the top 100 young innovators of the country through AIM’s  Atal Innovation Marathon 2018. My innovation, cAquaculture is an AI and IoT based comprehensive aquaculture pond management system for aqua-farmers for better yield and efficient farming.

My studies did get affected to some extent because of all these activities, but I was determined to make it up with extra efforts and better time management.

Me and my teammate, Hitesh,  traveled to Bangalore along with a mentor from our school. Both of us were equally excited to travel without our parents and manage on our own. There were a total of 13 teams and we were around 35 people put up in the same hotel. Our coordinator from IBM’s implementation partner also was staying with us in the same hotel which made it very convenient for us to approach him for any urgent help

What I liked about the whole IBM trip was that it was a very well organized event with hourly plans chalked out for all of us. We were assigned mentors from IBM’s technical team who taught us various aspects of Design Thinking, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing, IoT, Quantum computing and IPRs & Patents.

We were also trained on various IBM Watson services. Using all that we learnt at IBM, we developed a AI powered ChatBot and presented it to various dignitaries including the vice president of IBM-India, Mr. Chaitanya N. Srinivas and the Mission Director of AIM, Mr. R. Ramanan.

We had an experience of how working in a multinational company feels like with all the security measures, presentations and meetings and busy schedules.

The last day was reserved for sight seeing and we went to a lot of places including the Vidhan Soudha, Tipu Sultan Palace, Visveshvaraiah Industrial & Technological Museum, ISKCON temple, Bull temple, Cubbon park and a  music-light show at a water park.

We made a lot of friends who were like minded and enthusiastic many of whom I am still in touch with.

It was all in all a total fun and learning experience and I wish to conclude by saying ‘Do not limit yourselves and be open to unleash the real creative person within you. Never get disheartened by failure because “Failure is a part of innovation, perhaps the most important part.”- Curt Richardson ’

I also wish to see many more young mind come up with innovative ideas to help better the world

All the best to all of you…

PiJam @ PILabs

Hello everybody,                                                                                    pi2

We would like to invite you all to the seventh birthday of our dear Raspberry Pi !!


We had conducted the Raspberry Jam 2018 in one of the schools in Hyderabad.pi6


You are all welcome to showcase your projects and share your knowledge



Event date: March 2nd, 2019

Event location: St. Mary’s Vidyaniketan High School, Pregnapur – Gajwel, Gajwel Mandal, Siddipet Dist. T.S. 502311, Telangana.

Email ID:

Phone number: 9866428314

The Making of PI Labs Maker kit

Dear friends

I had been conducting a series of robotics sessions at Brahma Kumaris summer camps and have assembled a few robots namely a quadruped, a Bluetooth app controlled pick and place robot and a obstacle follower.

These videos were created by me as a part of thanks giving to the Brahma Kumaris team..

This one was in Dr AS Rao Nagar.

And this in Habsiguda.

This video is of me demonstrating the three robots which I spoke of earlier in this post.

  1. Quadruped – A four legged walking and dancing robot which is gesture controlled
  2. Bluetooth controlled pick and place robot – For automating various repetitive picking and placing jobs for example bricks at a construction site
  3. Obstacle follower – used when there are a number of robots and one has to follow the other

I have used kits from ‘SP Robotic Works’ to assemble these robots.

My conducting this class was indeed a collective effort from my supportive parents and helpful friends. I decided to help my friends with a kit which would help them to build basic projects of Arduino.

Here is the kit.PIL_MKPIL_MKOA few components in this kit are

  1. An Arduino UNO
  2. A Breadboard
  3. M2M, M2F, F2F jumpers
  4. Proximity sensor
  5. Motion sensor
  6. LED s, LDR, Buzzer, Resistors
  7. Potentiometer, Push button

Using this kit we can create basic projects like ;

  • LED blink,
  • Traffic signals,
  • Smart wardrobe,
  • Smart lighting,
  • Electronic counter, etc.

Let me know if you are interested in knowing more about this. I will be glad to help.


Eat healthy Stay healthy

Here is a series of articles in which we discuss healthy eating and nutrition.

Our daily meals need to be balanced in all nutrition components. We discuss food that we eat on a daily basis, count the nutrient value in each food item and discuss how can we improve it to make it a balanced meal.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are important meals of the day. Mid meal snacks are also good as long as they are healthy. Children especially need to have healthy snacks in-order to grow into healthy individuals.

Let us see what our young nutritionist has to say today !!!

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Eat healthy and Stay healthy!

The problems of Artificial Intelligence-AI

I still remember the famous line, “I will be back”, from The Arnold’s Terminator series.

It gave jitters watching this movie – Robots taking over the humanity. It was scary as a concept because the robots had so much intelligence and learning capacity. My dad used to say, “It’s just a movie this will not happen in real world. Don’t worry. Just enjoy the movie.”

I have been a techGeek – started working on electronics, IoT and Robotics since almost 3 years now – from my grade 7th onwards – currently I am studying in Grade 10th. I am a big fan of various emerging technologies we are getting into such as – IoT, Space Travels, Augmented reality, robotics getting into healthcare, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc. I work on many of these in my home lab with my other friends. I was introduced to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning almost a year back. I was initially excited with this emerging technology. But later I realized AI was dual faced just like a coin. Similar to Nuclear energy – if not controlled it will destroy everything.

This was very clear when my  role model, a great innovator & thinker, Elon Musk cautioned the world to slow down the developments around AI because we need more stern regulations much before AI becomes a reality. It was written on stone when Stephen Hawking and Bill gates joined and warned the world against unregulated AI.

But when I think of it, I see as many uses of it as there are dangers in it. They say wisdom cannot be built into the robots, which means, the robots do not know what is ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’. It just works on what it is programmed to do and learns from the results of its programs and stores it within itself. Actually we are still not able to visualize the complete dangers of AI because we have still not developed around it fully. It is like we are giving super powers to somebody who does not have a heart and cannot wisely take decisions for the benefit of humanity. This, if used wrongly, may result in end of the human race as well. Imagine a Robot which has decided to manufacture wrong medicines which are to be introduced into the market with improper caution or insufficient warning. This may result in a kind of bio-war where masses could be infected with use of these improper drugs.

I feel the rules and regulations related to AI should be put in place first rather than later because it has potential to cause damages in the process of learning and implementation itself. This also has the possibility to cause a unique sort or a world war where not humans of different countries fight, but where humans try to fight over their ‘intelligent’ creations! I say, “try to fight over….” because the so called Artificially Intelligent machines may prove to be the winners.

In the name of AI we are already opening all chances of losing many kinds of jobs, which require human intelligence, which otherwise could have fed many mouths of many families in many countries of the world. So, in a nut shell Humans should control AI and not the other way.

You might be thinking by now, why are we developing Artificial Intelligence which is already proving to be a disaster. Frankly speaking I have the same doubt, but, I see that the answer lies in the fact that if regulated and done properly it may prove that it is much more useful than it is now. Therefore note that Artificial Intelligence does as much good as bad, Oh yes! only if mishandled.

So, mark my words, “Humans should control AI and not the other way.”

NOTE : This article was written by me as a part of the “Teenage Prodigy Contest” by IIT Kharagpur and SOF NCO

Stay tuned to get updates about the Amazingly large number of uses of Artificial Intelligence.



Overveiw of a computer

Hi All,

In this article I will be telling you about what is a computer and what are the benefits of a computer.

A computer is a computing device which can be used to process various data, calculate, listen to music, watch videos,  play various learning videos, play games, communicate with your friends, send emails, chat etc.

Some of the popular application I use on my computer is

1. MS office for creating various documents, presentations [Microsoft Office 2007]

2. Skype to talk to my friends and family members

3.  To run educational CDs/DVDs

That is all for now. In my next article I will discuss about various parts of a computer.

See you soon..

Videos – Currencies of the world.

Hi All,

In these videos you will get to know various currencies used across the world.

1. Currencies – Part 1 –

2. Currencies – Part 2 –

Amazing facts

Hi  All,                                                                                                                                        

               In this article I would like to share some of the amazing facts about the space and the universe...


1. The brightest star in the universe is the ‘star Cygnus OB 2 no. 12’. It was discovered in 1992 .It is up to 6 million times as bright as our sun!
2. The ‘Large Megellanic Cloud’ which is visible only in the southern hemisphere is the brightest galaxy in the universe!
3. The ‘Andromeda galaxy’ is the only galaxy which can be seen with our naked eye!
4. The light from the sun reaches earth in 8 minutes 17 seconds (8.17 minutes)!
5. Some of the photos from the ‘Hubble space Telescope’ are as follows ………..
A. Black eye galaxy,
B. Small Magellanic cloud,
C. Eagle Nebula and
D. Swan Nebula


black eye galaxy

Small Magellanic cloud

Small Magellanic cloud

Eagle Nebula

Eagle Nebula

Swan Nebula

Swan Nebula

6. Jupiter has an astonishing weight (mass)of 18,986,000,000,000,000 tonnes (18 quadrillion,986 trillion tonnes)!
7. Vesta – the 4 Th asteroid to be discovered is bright enough to be seen with naked eye!


                                    Planet Earth

1. USA has more than 500 GEYSERS including the ‘Steamboat geyser’ and ‘old faithful geyser ‘ which erupts every 91 minutes

Steamboat geyser

Steamboat geyser

Old Faithful geyser

Old Faithful geyser

Source -Whitaker,s World of facts by Russell Ash

Penguin Publications