PILabs Maker delight!

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Lately, we as parents and educators are interested in moving from a rote based class-room style learning approach to an inquiry based learning method which focuses on critical thinking and problem solving and collaboration skills.
Such an approach results in increased attention span in children and improved levels of student’s creativity. Project-based learning is an effective way of including technology in education system.
In projects based learning, students apply what they know to solve authentic problems with intentions to produce results that matter to them and society, thus enabling the student to face real world situations simulated in the forms of the projects.
Students have opportunities to develop skills of observation, survey, research, reporting, presentation, communication, and collaboration with the team involved and leadership traits.
A welcome side effect would be that the learners develop new hobbies, passions, and liking for new careers.

After successfully launching a batch for enthusiasts for all emerging technology skills, now we are launching a online Project Based learning program for Makers.

Application development for Makers – Work on 20+ projects over 15 days using tools like Scratch & build independent meaningful apps

3D Design and modeling for Makers – Design close to 10 realistic 3D models in 8 days by designing & rendering using tools like Fusion 360.

Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things – Work on  5+ projects over 7 days to learn the power of AI & IoT.

Here is a link to the inquiry form – https://bit.ly/2S91GJm

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Here is some participants’ feedback from completed courses.