The problems of Artificial Intelligence-AI

I still remember the famous line, “I will be back”, from The Arnold’s Terminator series.

It gave jitters watching this movie – Robots taking over the humanity. It was scary as a concept because the robots had so much intelligence and learning capacity. My dad used to say, “It’s just a movie this will not happen in real world. Don’t worry. Just enjoy the movie.”

I have been a techGeek – started working on electronics, IoT and Robotics since almost 3 years now – from my grade 7th onwards – currently I am studying in Grade 10th. I am a big fan of various emerging technologies we are getting into such as – IoT, Space Travels, Augmented reality, robotics getting into healthcare, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc. I work on many of these in my home lab with my other friends. I was introduced to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning almost a year back. I was initially excited with this emerging technology. But later I realized AI was dual faced just like a coin. Similar to Nuclear energy – if not controlled it will destroy everything.

This was very clear when my  role model, a great innovator & thinker, Elon Musk cautioned the world to slow down the developments around AI because we need more stern regulations much before AI becomes a reality. It was written on stone when Stephen Hawking and Bill gates joined and warned the world against unregulated AI.

But when I think of it, I see as many uses of it as there are dangers in it. They say wisdom cannot be built into the robots, which means, the robots do not know what is ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’. It just works on what it is programmed to do and learns from the results of its programs and stores it within itself. Actually we are still not able to visualize the complete dangers of AI because we have still not developed around it fully. It is like we are giving super powers to somebody who does not have a heart and cannot wisely take decisions for the benefit of humanity. This, if used wrongly, may result in end of the human race as well. Imagine a Robot which has decided to manufacture wrong medicines which are to be introduced into the market with improper caution or insufficient warning. This may result in a kind of bio-war where masses could be infected with use of these improper drugs.

I feel the rules and regulations related to AI should be put in place first rather than later because it has potential to cause damages in the process of learning and implementation itself. This also has the possibility to cause a unique sort or a world war where not humans of different countries fight, but where humans try to fight over their ‘intelligent’ creations! I say, “try to fight over….” because the so called Artificially Intelligent machines may prove to be the winners.

In the name of AI we are already opening all chances of losing many kinds of jobs, which require human intelligence, which otherwise could have fed many mouths of many families in many countries of the world. So, in a nut shell Humans should control AI and not the other way.

You might be thinking by now, why are we developing Artificial Intelligence which is already proving to be a disaster. Frankly speaking I have the same doubt, but, I see that the answer lies in the fact that if regulated and done properly it may prove that it is much more useful than it is now. Therefore note that Artificial Intelligence does as much good as bad, Oh yes! only if mishandled.

So, mark my words, “Humans should control AI and not the other way.”

NOTE : This article was written by me as a part of the “Teenage Prodigy Contest” by IIT Kharagpur and SOF NCO

Stay tuned to get updates about the Amazingly large number of uses of Artificial Intelligence.



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