Days @ IBM, on an internship..

Hello friends,

I would like to share with you my experience at IBM when I was there for an internship of 2 weeks (Oct-14-Oct 25, 2019).

It was indeed a proud moment for my parents, my school and my team when we were chosen among the top 100 young innovators of the country through AIM’s  Atal Innovation Marathon 2018. My innovation, cAquaculture is an AI and IoT based comprehensive aquaculture pond management system for aqua-farmers for better yield and efficient farming.

My studies did get affected to some extent because of all these activities, but I was determined to make it up with extra efforts and better time management.

Me and my teammate, Hitesh,  traveled to Bangalore along with a mentor from our school. Both of us were equally excited to travel without our parents and manage on our own. There were a total of 13 teams and we were around 35 people put up in the same hotel. Our coordinator from IBM’s implementation partner also was staying with us in the same hotel which made it very convenient for us to approach him for any urgent help

What I liked about the whole IBM trip was that it was a very well organized event with hourly plans chalked out for all of us. We were assigned mentors from IBM’s technical team who taught us various aspects of Design Thinking, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing, IoT, Quantum computing and IPRs & Patents.

We were also trained on various IBM Watson services. Using all that we learnt at IBM, we developed a AI powered ChatBot and presented it to various dignitaries including the vice president of IBM-India, Mr. Chaitanya N. Srinivas and the Mission Director of AIM, Mr. R. Ramanan.

We had an experience of how working in a multinational company feels like with all the security measures, presentations and meetings and busy schedules.

The last day was reserved for sight seeing and we went to a lot of places including the Vidhan Soudha, Tipu Sultan Palace, Visveshvaraiah Industrial & Technological Museum, ISKCON temple, Bull temple, Cubbon park and a  music-light show at a water park.

We made a lot of friends who were like minded and enthusiastic many of whom I am still in touch with.

It was all in all a total fun and learning experience and I wish to conclude by saying ‘Do not limit yourselves and be open to unleash the real creative person within you. Never get disheartened by failure because “Failure is a part of innovation, perhaps the most important part.”- Curt Richardson ’

I also wish to see many more young mind come up with innovative ideas to help better the world

All the best to all of you…