BlueJ to IntelliJ

BlueJ has been my favorite IDE for Java till recently. I have been a great fan of BlueJ for its simplicity, intuitiveness and ease-of-use. Since we learnt it at school, it had become close to all our friends’ hearts. But after attending a seminar by JetBrains at JetBrains Day, I am compelled to set aside my favorite-till-now BlueJ and shift to IntelliJ IDEA. As per me, there are a few advantages of using IntelliJ over BlueJ.

  1. IntelliJ IDEA is more intuitive and it provides in-depth coding assistance to the developer due to which coding becomes much easier and faster
  2. It allows for quicker navigation, clever error analysis and also refactoring. (i.e. it checks for probable errors and helps us with refactoring the code easily)
  3. The logic behind IntelliJ IDEA is truly intelligent and implements AI and machine learning for code completion among others.
  4. IntelliJ IDEA also allows for debugging code which helps amateur and experienced developers alike

All said BlueJ still remains the best beginners Java IDE out there and I have always admired it throughout my schooling life as a computer science student.

I have been using BlueJ for my coaching sessions and have migrated to IntelliJ since I started coaching on Artificial Intelligence.

Here is a link to my courses, Feel free to message me for more details

More info on BlueJ here and can be downloaded here
More info on IntelliJ IDEA here and download the free community edition here