Rediscover yourself and learn 9 new skills in 3 weeks

This lean period make best use of your time. Pick up new skills and hone your existing ones.

Lets rediscover ourselves and pickup 9 new skills details of which are given below.

Click here for registration. Limited seats only.


Fritzing – Learn to design your own Printed Circuit Boards
Fritzing is an easy to use circuit designing and stimulation software. It is used to build circuits and have your own Printed Circuit Board (PCB). It is free to use and can be used both online and offline. You can learn the basics of electronics and circuits using Fritzing without needing any physical components.

Scratch – Design and animate your own comic story
Scratch is a visual drag-and-drop based programming tool used to build interactive stories and animations. It helps people thing creatively, systematically and collaboratively. Attractive to any age group, one can build animations and stuff without having any prior knowledge in programming or coding

MIT App Inventor- Build your own fun mobile applications
An Android mobile application building tool based on Scratch. Just like scratch you drag and drop components to build a working mobile applications. You can build games, IoT applications, animations and AI based apps just by dragging-and-dropping!

IBM Watson – Build your AI powered Chaat/Dosa ordering chatbot
IBM cloud is a set of cloud computing services by IBM. Watson Studio is an integrated environment to develop, train, manage models, and deploy AI-powered applications.We can build AI powered projects and deploy them into  your applications.

Programming – Code your own mini supermarket software using Python/Java
Python has been a very powerful and scalable programming language and Java has been one the most widespread and popularly used language for various applications.

Raspberry pi – Get to know about Raspberry (hardware/Software)
Raspberry pi is a powerful Single board Linux computer. It is used to teach digital technologies and computing to people of all age groups. It has its own huge community forum where you will get any kind of help for your projects. It is higher in level than a microcontroller like Arduino

Node RED – Overview to Node RED
NodeRED is a flow-based development tool for visual programming, originally by IBM, for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services as part of the Internet of Things.It is got bundled with the Raspbian OS for Raspberry pi

3D design and printing – Design and print your own smart phone case
CAD is a very important skill when it comes to rapid prototyping and designing your projects. various software like Fusion360 and TinkerCAD are used popularly in the 3D design and printing domain


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