The Making of PI Labs Maker kit

Dear friends

I had been conducting a series of robotics sessions at Brahma Kumaris summer camps and have assembled a few robots namely a quadruped, a Bluetooth app controlled pick and place robot and a obstacle follower.

These videos were created by me as a part of thanks giving to the Brahma Kumaris team..

This one was in Dr AS Rao Nagar.

And this in Habsiguda.

This video is of me demonstrating the three robots which I spoke of earlier in this post.

  1. Quadruped – A four legged walking and dancing robot which is gesture controlled
  2. Bluetooth controlled pick and place robot – For automating various repetitive picking and placing jobs for example bricks at a construction site
  3. Obstacle follower – used when there are a number of robots and one has to follow the other

I have used kits from ‘SP Robotic Works’ to assemble these robots.

My conducting this class was indeed a collective effort from my supportive parents and helpful friends. I decided to help my friends with a kit which would help them to build basic projects of Arduino.

Here is the kit.PIL_MKPIL_MKOA few components in this kit are

  1. An Arduino UNO
  2. A Breadboard
  3. M2M, M2F, F2F jumpers
  4. Proximity sensor
  5. Motion sensor
  6. LED s, LDR, Buzzer, Resistors
  7. Potentiometer, Push button

Using this kit we can create basic projects like ;

  • LED blink,
  • Traffic signals,
  • Smart wardrobe,
  • Smart lighting,
  • Electronic counter, etc.

Let me know if you are interested in knowing more about this. I will be glad to help.


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